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Bad Debt Collectors

There are many law firms that make it their business to oppress everyday consumers into paying debts that they do not owe. These rogue lawyers and law firms use sneaky tactics to weasel money out of hardworking everyday people. One of the most notorious of these is the law firm of Houslanger & Associates. Todd E. […]

Pinpoint Technologies LLC

Many people are dealing with the reality that old debts and accounts often creep up out of nowhere. That account may have been 15 even almost 20 years old in some cases. However there are debt collection agencies that specialize in breathing new life to these old debts. Two of these rogue collection agencies are […]

Can a Gym Send You to Collections?

As a new year rolls around many of us make resolutions. One of the top resolutions that people make is the commitment to finally get in shape. With that, we join a gym and sign on the dotted line which obligates us to pay a low monthly fee. But then our schedule changes and we […]

National Judgement

A job opportunity. A new love interest. Adventure. These all reasons why people relocate. People often relocate around the country and literally around the world seeking new opportunities, and looking to open new doors while closing old chapters in their life. Often times these moves signal an opportunity for an economic new beginning. People move […]

When Debt Collectors Break The Rules

The debt collection industry in the United States is $1 trillion industry. Over the years many collection companies have come and gone. Many of these companies employ unlawful and illegal tactics in order to coerce thousand dollars from consumers who don’t have the resources to fight back. One of these companies was known as LR Credit. LR Credit […]

When Debt Collection Companies Don’t Follow The Rules

There are many debt collection companies and law firms. These companies often times flagrantly violate the rules, laws and regulations regarding how debt collectors are supposed to practice their profession. For a long time one of the most notorious of these companies was a law firm commonly referred to as Mel Harris & Associates. A few years […]

She Works Hard for the Money!

We all work hard for our paycheck. We race into work and race home to sleep, wake up, and do it all over again. Sometimes, if things go our way, we even work extra hours or a second job just to make ends meet or have enough to save for that dream vacation, a new […]

Frozen In Time (And Money)…

Credit card judgments can sneak up on you at any time and place. However it is a common tactic for debt collectors to freeze your bank account because of the judgments on a Friday afternoon, thus stranding you for the weekend. Such is the case of a recent client of the Law Office of Abel […]

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

Imagine that like many Americans you have a credit card judgment issued against you in civil court. You scrape up the money and finally pay off the judgment. A few years later you check your credit and realize that the judgment is being reported as not satisfied. You figure it is just an honest oversight […]