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Civil Court Lawsuits

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Defending Against Judgement Enforcement in NYC

Any individual or company can file a lawsuit against you in civil court in an attempt to recover money owed to them. If you have received a summons to appear in court for a debt related lawsuit, it is critical that you consult a debt collection defense lawyer right away.

If the entity filing the lawsuit obtains a judgment against you, you could have your bank accounts seized. A collection defense lawyer can provide you with representation in your case that may help you appeal the decision and avoid these consequences.

Why Hire Our Firm?

At the Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, we possess over a decade of experience in protecting consumers against civil lawsuits. Our civil litigation attorneys work to defend our clients against harassment from creditors and debt collectors. Our firm’s founding attorney is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, which gives us a keen understanding of debt collection laws and consumer rights.

We are available to analyze the specifics of your lawsuit in order to determine the best legal course of action in your case. We may be able to reduce the amount of money that you owe, or obtain a complete dismissal of the suit.

Debt Lawsuits and Court Judgments

Creditors and debt collectors occasionally use unfair or illegal tactics in order to secure judgments against consumers. Once they do this, your creditor would be known as a “judgement creditor,” and you would be the “judgement debtor.”

Some signs that a creditor or collector has successfully obtained a judgement against you include:

Placement of liens against real estate you own

Sometimes, judgement creditors can request a court order for periodic debt payments. If you violate this order, the creditor can then seek a contempt order against you. In same states, the judge themselves can hold you in contempt of you miss payments.

A skilled attorney can fight aggressively on your behalf for a beneficial resolution. We can work to help you come to an agreement where you can repay your debts on your own terms.

What to Do if a Debt Collector Sues You

If a creditor or debt collector sues you, it is important to take action. Even smallest civil lawsuit claims can leave you in a disastrous position if you ignore the suit. Ignoring a civil lawsuit may result in a default judgment, which leaves you no chance of defending yourself from the lawsuit.

If you are facing a lawsuit from a collector, take the following steps:

Consult with an attorney

Challenge the lawsuit if there is a mistake

Negotiate and settle with the debt collector

Our team at the Law Office of Abel L. Pierre can help you seek the best outcome for your situation. Our attorney has years of experience defending and representing clients in these types of situations.

Contact an attorney who can defend you against a potential court judgment for the repayment of a debt.

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