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Frozen Bank Accounts

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Have Your Accounts Been Frozen in NYC?

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What a frightening experience to be locked out of your own bank account, preventing you from accessing your own hard-earned money. Yet hit happens routinely.

Why Do Banks Freeze Accounts?

A freeze occurs when a creditor has sued and obtained a judgment against you or a joint account holder if you have a joint bank account. A creditor cannot freeze your bank account without this judgment. It is done to put pressure on you to make payments.

If your bank account has been frozen, you need to find out if it was done legally and all actions were carried out to protect your rights. For example, if you received no notice of the lawsuit and the first you knew it was happening was when you were denied access to your funds, you likely have a strong case for legal action. If it was properly done, some of your funds may yet be exempt. You need to get professional and experienced legal representation to effectively handle this and any other threatening creditors that you may be dealing with.

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