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Pinpoint Technologies LLC

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

Many people are dealing with the reality that old debts and accounts often creep up out of nowhere. That account may have been 15 even almost 20 years old in some cases. However there are debt collection agencies that specialize in breathing new life to these old debts. Two of these rogue collection agencies are known as Pinpoint Technologies LLC and Pinpoint Technologies Too LLC.

Pinpoint Technologies has a rather infamous reputation for being one of the most notorious debt collection companies. Pinpoint Technologies has often been accused and sued for utilizing unlawful, sneaky, unfair and deceptive collection practices in order to coerce and trick poor consumers into paying debts that they did not owe. Pinpoint Technologies has also repeatedly been sued for using tactics such as sewer service in order to slip judgments through the court system. This means that Pinpoint Technologies was accused of falsifying affidavits in which they claimed to notify consumers of collection proceedings against them. Of course because the affidavit was falsified, the consumer was never actually notified about the collection cases and judgments. They would only find out about the unlawful acts after receiving a notice from a Marshal or Sheriff notifying them of a wage garnishment or a freeze on their bank account.

Pinpoint Technologies and Pinpoint Technologies Too LLC sold their judgments to a few companies one of which being Libra Equities. This new collection agency is represented by Todd E. Houslanger from Houslanger and Associates PC. If you received notice of judgment from a Marshall, Sheriff, Pinpoint Technologies our law firm can help fight this problem for you. We have decades of experience in removing judgments, stopping wage garnishment, and lifting bank levies. Feel free to send us an email or call us today.