• Rogue Collection Company Violates FDCPA
    Client Who Was Sued on a Zombie Debt Recovers Substantial Award
    Client was sued but never served with the court papers on a credit card debt long after the statute of limitations expired. The client check her credit report and discovered this judgment that she knew nothing about. Client retained the Consumer Debt ...
  • Monetary Settlement Recovered
    Debt Collection Harassment During Hospital Stay
    Abel L. Pierre, Esq. recovers money settlement for a client who was harassed by debt collectors on his cell phone while in the hospital with his new-born baby.
  • 15 Judgments Vacated
    Debt Collection Judgments
    Abel L. Pierre, Esq. obtains vacatur of 15 judgments on behalf of a client burdened with credit card debt.
  • Settlement & Recovery of Monetary Damages
    Debt Collection Lawsuit Settled, Monetary Damages Recovered
    Abel L. Pierre, Esq settles federal lawsuit filed on behalf of Client who was harassed by debt collector pursuing old student loan debt. Law Office recovered monetary damages in light o fthe fact that client already paid 2x amount of student loan ...
  • Monetary Damages Recovered
    Debt Collection Letters to Military Servicemen
    Abel L. Pierre, Esq recovers monetary damages on behalf of U.S. military serviceman who received non-compliant collection letter.
  • Monetary Damages Recovered
    Debt Collectors Contact 3rd Party
    Abel L. Pierre, Esq recovers monetary damages on behalf of client who debt information was illegally disclosed to co-residents.
  • Client's Credit Report Cleared
    Law Office Vacates Multiple Judgments on Credit Report
    Client who is self employed checked his credit and discover four judgments that he knew nothing about. He retained Debt Lawyer, Abel Pierre, to vacate these judgments. Abel Pierre successfully vacated all four judgment which enabled his client to ...
  • Monetary Damages Recovered
    Monetary Damages For Client who Receive Collection Letter for Spouses Debt
    Abel L. Pierre recovered money damages for a client whose husband filed for bankruptcy. After the debt in question was discharged, the collection company pursued the wife for the husband's debt. They continued to send collection letters even after ...
  • Monetary Damages Recovered
    Money Damages For Client who Receives Collection Letter for a debt Discharged in Bankruptcy
    Abel L. Pierre, Esq. represented a client in her bankruptcy case. The client then received a collection letter for an old medical bill that was discharged in her bankruptcy. Abel L. Pierre pursued a claim on behalf of the client under the Fair Debt ...
  • Damages Recovered in Collections Case
    Money Damages Recovered for Client Who Received Bogus Collection Letter from Collection Attorney in California
    Client in New York received a debt collection letter from an attorney who was not licensed to practice law in the State of New York. This client contacted the Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. to represent him in this matter. The ...
  • Foreclosure Default Vacated
    Petition to Vacate Foreclosure Default Successful
    A married couple in Westchester were in foreclosure for a couple of years. After receiving the court foreclosure summons, they first hired an attorney who was unfamiliar with the details involved in foreclosure law. They missed their deadline to file ...
  • Illegal Back Rent Waived
    Recovery of Damages After Illegal Back Rent Recovery Attempt
    Abel L. Pierre, Esq successfully recovers damages on behalf of tenant after Collection Company attempts to illegally recover back rent previously waived by court order.