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Many small businesses know that a bank loan in a pinch can be tempting, but ultimately quite risky due to high interest rates and payback demands. Instead of turning to a bank loan, private lenders might be contacted for help due to the appeal of faster funding in lesser amounts, but also with less worries about obligations. Some private loans can even be funded in as little as three days. However, there is always a risk with any loan if you cannot keep up with the payment schedule.

At The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C., our New York City debt collection defense lawyer has been there for small businesses and individuals alike who are struggling with debt. Across the last 10 years, we have been honing our craft and creating an impressive track record of courtroom victories for our clients. If your business is worried about debts owed to private lenders or default judgements that could result, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

How Our Law Firm Can Help Your Small Business

After a court enters a judgement against you for a debt owed to lenders, you will likely have anywhere between 16 and 36 months to pay meet the obligation. While this might seem like an ample amount of time, it is unfortunately not enough for a small business that is already carefully balancing its finances. Our NYC debt defense law firm can step in, explore your options, and protect you and your company from further harm.

Our three main objectives when we represent you will be:

Protect your bank accounts: One of the worst things that can happen when your small business is in debt is the freezing of your bank accounts. If your bank accounts are frozen, you will not be able to manage your payroll, complete business expenses, and so on. This is devastating to your business and will only make the situation worse. We work hard to prevent your bank accounts from being frozen.

Renegotiating your debt: Taking control of your debt is a priority. With our representation, you can consider the option of renegotiating the debt your small business owed to private lenders or banks alike. Renegotiation could reduce the total amount you owe, minimize the interest rate, or both.

Stop creditor harassment: A favorite tactic of many collection agencies is harassing a debtor at all hours of the day using phone calls, emails, and text messages until they give in. This is done despite Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) laws that are meant to prevent harassment. With our law firm in your corner, we can help ensure creditor harassment is stopped and rectified.

Debt Defense is a Phone Call Away – Dial (888) 744-0757

No matter what financial situation your small business is facing, there are solutions. You just need to start looking for them with the assistance of our New York City debt collection defense attorney, Mr. Abel Pierre. Our law firm is fully committed to your satisfaction and the protection of your business’s best interests.

Are you being harassed by a creditor or debt collector? Contact our firm for aggressive assistance in your case

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