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Default Judgments

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Default Judgment/Money Judgment

New York City Judgment Attorney

Default judgments, also known as money judgments, mean that a person was summoned and failed to respond, or failed to appear, in court. If you have a default judgment, that judgment was entered against you in favor of the creditor or whoever brought a debt collection lawsuit against you.

Do you have a default judgment against you based on debts owed? If so, then a New York City debt collection defense attorney from the Law Office of Abel L. Pierre may be able to get it vacated. What is more important is to prevent a money judgment from ever happening. Time is of the essence in these matters and fast, effective action must be taken now.

For a decade, our firm has taken aggressive legal defense actions for clients in matters of debt collection and repairing credit. We have built a keen understanding of the laws concerning debt collection that most other attorneys lack. If you want a solid defense and a trusted legal team on your side, act now and contact our office.

Protection Against Default Judgment and Debt Collectors

New York City Consumer Protection Laws are some of the strongest in the country in terms of debt collection and harassment from creditors. The Department of Consumer Affairs reports the top complaint category to be debt collection. Their advice, and ours, is to never ignore a court summons. Get yourself professional, legal representation immediately.

The time to act is well before a default judgment is issued. If it has already been issued then there is not a minute to waste. Action needs to be taken before your bank accounts are frozen and drained.

Are you caught in a nightmare of false accusations based on identity theft or inaccurate and sloppy methods by collection agencies, process servers or creditors? If so, we will aggressively sue those involved.

Debt collection scams, improper service of summons and other forms of debt collection abuse should be aggressively fought and we are interested in holding them accountable on your behalf. We are experienced at accomplishing excellent results for our clients in these matters.

Contact a collections defense lawyer now to protect yourself against default judgments

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