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Frozen In Time (And Money)…

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

Credit card judgments can sneak up on you at any time and place. However it is a common tactic for debt collectors to freeze your bank account because of the judgments on a Friday afternoon, thus stranding you for the weekend.

Such is the case of a recent client of the Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C..

In this particular case the client never knew that he was being sued because he was sued in a totally different state then where he actually lived.

Although the client never actually lived in Brooklyn, and was from Greece by way of California, debt collectors sued him and obtained a default judgments against him in Brooklyn. The client never knew of these judgments until he tried to use his ATM card late one Friday afternoon.

That is when he found out that is bank accounts were frozen as a result of the judgments. The Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. was retained to file the necessary court papers to vacate these judgments.

The Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. successfully petitioned the point to the civil court to not only vacate the judgments, but to dismiss the cases altogether.

This enabled the client to have the bank release the hold on his account and got him access to this money.

Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. then went a step further. We pursued claims on the client’s behalf against the debt collector for violating his rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act known as the FDPCPA

According to the FDCPA, a debt collector cannot sue you in a county where you never lived or never opened the account.

In these cases our client only lived in California and Manhattan. Therefore it was illegal for the debt collectors to Kings County (Brooklyn).

At the end of the day, we were able to recover money damages for our clients and we were able to do so without charging our client any upfront legal costs that the collectors had to pay our clients legal bills.

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