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When Debt Collection Companies Don’t Follow The Rules

There are many debt collection companies and law firms. These companies often times flagrantly violate the rules, laws and regulations regarding how debt collectors are supposed to practice their profession. For a long time one of the most notorious of these companies was a law firm commonly referred to as Mel Harris & Associates. A few years […]

Frozen Bank Accounts

As the holidays roll through and temperatures drop throughout the country, the local ponds and lakes are not the only things that are getting frozen. If you have an unpaid judgment against you, then you might encounter the unwelcome surprise of a frozen bank account. Bank accounts are usually frozen when a person has a judgment entered against […]

Frozen In Time (And Money)…

Credit card judgments can sneak up on you at any time and place. However it is a common tactic for debt collectors to freeze your bank account because of the judgments on a Friday afternoon, thus stranding you for the weekend. Such is the case of a recent client of the Law Office of Abel […]