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When Debt Collection Companies Don’t Follow The Rules

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

There are many debt collection companies and law firms. These companies often times flagrantly violate the rules, laws and regulations regarding how debt collectors are supposed to practice their profession. For a long time one of the most notorious of these companies was a law firm commonly referred to as Mel Harris & Associates.

A few years ago Mel Harris was sued for improperly pursuing that collection claims. Their practices often resulted in default judgments against innocent consumers who did not know they were being sued. The consumers would find out about the judgments only when their bank accounts were frozen. Sometimes even then it would be too late and consumers would be in a position where they had to pay thousands of dollars in penalties and fees.

Mel Harris reached a settlement in which they agreed to stop this oppressive practice. They have been shut down and no longer continue to operate. This is an enormous victory for consumers who have been terrorized by the unlawful activities of this law firm.

If you have a frozen bank account, we can investigate the matter immediately and effectively for you. Our attorneys have over a decade of experience convincing courts to vacate judgments, reduce the penalties and fees, and implement affordable payment plans.