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National Judgement

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

A job opportunity. A new love interest. Adventure. These all reasons why people relocate. People often relocate around the country and literally around the world seeking new opportunities, and looking to open new doors while closing old chapters in their life. Often times these moves signal an opportunity for an economic new beginning. People move to different cities in order to get a fresh start where they can rebuild their financial future.

As you can imagine it comes as a shock when people find out that a debt they accumulated in their old city still haunts them in the new and refreshing city they call home. There are several reasons why old debts such as medical billscredit cards, and even foreclosures, follow people around from city to city and even state to state.

Sometimes the collector’s attorney does not know that a consumer has moved out-of-state and notifies the consumer at their old address. Thus the consumer never has an opportunity to respond to the civil court lawsuits.

This allows the creditor to get a judgment. The judgment is often referred to as the golden ticket because it allows the creditors attorney to do many different things which can have a ripple effect throughout the country. If the consumer keeps accounts with any major national Bank there Accounts are in danger of being frozen and levied regardless of where they live. The major national banks keep a centralized database of all of their consumers. So collector’s attorneys from any state in the country can send their judgments to a national bank who will identify the consumer and placed a hold on the money in their bank account.

A second reason why default judgments follow people around us because they will almost always appear on an individual’s credit report. Thus even if a consumer moves from New York to Los Angeles, the credit report will follow them. And once they arrive and at their new home, any item which appears on their credit report while they lived in New York will continue to appear and can potentially cause problems.

That’s why as an attorney located in New York City the law office of Abel Pierre, handles cases for clients throughout the New York area and throughout the country. We routinely receive phone calls from consumers who have relocated to Maryland, Florida, Virginia, California, and many of the states. These consumers are often shocked to find out that they have a civil court case or civil court judgment out of New York which is disrupting their new and improved lives.

Thankfully the attorneys at the law office of Abel Pierre are experienced and have the technological tools necessary to skillfully represent clients to minimize the financial impact without out-of-state clients having to travel to New York.

If you or someone you know throughout the country is dealing with the legal matter in New York do not hesitate to contact the law office of Abel L Pierre. One of our attorneys will be happy to speak with you to discuss a strategy to permanently resolve your problem and restore financial harmony to your life.