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Default Judgments & Credit Reports

Many consumers discover that a default judgment has been placed on their credit report when they apply for a mortgage, credit card, car loan or some other credit based product or service. Often times they ask me, “can’t I just call up the credit card company and settle the account?” Alas, these matters are never that simple. […]


Many people are dealing with the problem of auto loan judgments. Their story goes something like this: So you finally bought that car you have been drooling over for the past 6 months. A few days into the purchase your new hot rod begins shake, rattle, but not roll. It eventually dawns on you that there […]

Attorney Abel Pierre Successfully Defends Diabetic Woman Facing A $124,000 Judgment

Judgments can be scary, especially when that judgment may result in a wage garnishment or frozen bank account. But what happens if you are on payment plan, almost finished, and get sick and can’t complete it? Well that’s what happened to a research fellow, employed and one of New York City’s most prestigious hospitals. A […]

Attorney Abel Pierre Successfully Defends Man Wrongly Treated as Felon

In 2012, a Navy Veteran home from three tours in Iraq began searching for a new apartment. He found one he liked, applied, and was submitted to a background check. The results of that background check revealed that the man was a felon, thus refusing his apartment application. The only problem? He wasn’t a felon […]

Correcting Credit Reporting Errors

Your credit rating is very important when you need to obtain credit for something important and if you have a negative on your credit report you will want to remove it as soon as possible. Just one mistake can make a huge difference in your overall credit rating, so you will want to know how […]

Deadlines Part 2: Race Against the Clock: Fighting & Preventing Judgments

If you are being sued for an old credit card or medical debt collection, then you had better hurry up and retain an attorney to file an answer. The cost may not be as high as you think. The cost of not answering at all may be more expensive if the collection agency and their collection lawyer […]

Deadlines Part 1: Race Against the Clock: Initial Lawsuits

Deadlines are a part of our everyday lives. We are constantly running to make sure that we get our tasks completed prior to the expiration of a deadline, whether it is at home or at work. It is equally important to understand the importance of beating deadlines when trying to undo the damage that is […]

Vacate Before You Pay!

Finding out that you have a judgment against you can be one of the most stressful things that you can deal with. Usually, the default judgment is issued by the civil court because of a credit card or medical bill or some other reason. Sometimes you don’t even find out until your wages are being garnished or your bank account is frozen. […]

TICK TOCK: The Judgment Is Being Enforced and Time Is Running Out!

Let’s face it: most people don’t know that they have a judgment against them until it’s too late. The credit collection agencies are sneaky and oftentimes will wait until they get a default judgment or until they freeze your bank account before you find out about the judgment. Or even worse – they send an embarrassing notice to your […]