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Attorney Abel Pierre Successfully Defends Man Wrongly Treated as Felon

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

In 2012, a Navy Veteran home from three tours in Iraq began searching for a new apartment. He found one he liked, applied, and was submitted to a background check. The results of that background check revealed that the man was a felon, thus refusing his apartment application. The only problem? He wasn’t a felon – not even close.

While in Iraq, the man’s brother used his identity and was charged with multiple misdemeanors and felonies. All but one of the charges were successfully dismissed, leaving the Navy vet with a felony record. In reality, the only thing staining his record was a parking ticket.

The man attempted to clear his name with the credit reporting firm that performed the background check. After many failed attempts, he broached his concerns with a manager. The man was met with similar resistance, despite repeated emails and phone calls. He resorted to filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. When that didn’t work, he contacted Bamboozled.

Aggressive Representation from Attorney Pierre

Although the credit reporting company told the man it was his responsibility to show proof of his clean record, the Navy vet knew better. According to federal laws, the obligations to do so actually fall on the credit reporting company.

When word got out of the man’s plight, a credit repair company volunteered to assist him with his case. Attorney Abel Pierre also represented the man and filed a lawsuit on his behalf. The lawsuit indicated that the credit reporting company had violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Thanks to Attorney Pierre’s assistance, the man was able to successfully accept a settlement after the lawsuit was filed. The credit repair company said that the man’s persistence should be an example to others who want to fight the system.

Today, the Navy vet happily rents his own home and hopes that others will be encouraged to not settle when they receive an unfavorable verdict. Instead, he believes all consumers should fight for the rights they deserve.

If you believe your rights were violated by a debt collection or credit repair agency, contact our firm’s New York credit repair attorney right away. We have extensive experience and can aggressively defend your rights!