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3 Common Credit Reporting Mistakes

Did you know that roughly 1 in 4 consumers has an error on their credit report? This is why it is important to remember to occasionally check the information contained in your credit report. Your credit report can affect your financial well-being, making it all that more important to ensure its accuracy will give you […]

Business Leasing

Many small business owners don’t directly perform every task in their business. If they tried to do so they would get crushed with the workload and could never survive. That’s why they hire different vendors to provide goods and services and equipment. Often times these service contracts end up becoming a thorn in their side. […]

How to Fix Bad Credit After Identity Theft

In the state of New York, identity theft is a criminal offense. For victims, identity theft not only harms their financial wellbeing. It can also negatively affect their credit. If identity theft occurs, there are several steps you may take to protect your credit. File a Police Report Identity theft is a crime, and should […]

Neighborhood Mixed Filed

It’s extremely frustrating than waking up to find out that somebody else’s bad credit is appearing on your credit report. Even more frustrating that is to discover how difficult it can be to correct this issue. The credit reporting agencies and the creditors don’t really care who’s report the collection account shows up on, they just want […]


There are many people in this country who should have excellent credit. They have never encountered severe financial difficulty. And this group of people have also never encountered unpaid medical expenses. They have been employed and have not been late or defaulted on any of their credit card accounts. Their score should all be in […]

Default Judgments & Credit Reports

Many consumers discover that a default judgment has been placed on their credit report when they apply for a mortgage, credit card, car loan or some other credit based product or service. Often times they ask me, “can’t I just call up the credit card company and settle the account?” Alas, these matters are never that simple. […]

Attorney Abel Pierre Successfully Defends Man Wrongly Treated as Felon

In 2012, a Navy Veteran home from three tours in Iraq began searching for a new apartment. He found one he liked, applied, and was submitted to a background check. The results of that background check revealed that the man was a felon, thus refusing his apartment application. The only problem? He wasn’t a felon […]

Correcting Credit Reporting Errors

Your credit rating is very important when you need to obtain credit for something important and if you have a negative on your credit report you will want to remove it as soon as possible. Just one mistake can make a huge difference in your overall credit rating, so you will want to know how […]

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

Imagine that like many Americans you have a credit card judgment issued against you in civil court. You scrape up the money and finally pay off the judgment. A few years later you check your credit and realize that the judgment is being reported as not satisfied. You figure it is just an honest oversight […]