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Business Leasing

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

Many small business owners don’t directly perform every task in their business. If they tried to do so they would get crushed with the workload and could never survive. That’s why they hire different vendors to provide goods and services and equipment. Often times these service contracts end up becoming a thorn in their side. This is readily apparent when we look at the problems that can arise from credit card processing equipment and services.

Many credit card processing companies compete fiercely for small business accounts. Small businesses often switch credit card processing companies not realizing that their previous account has penalties for early cancellations.

Small business owners who switch accounst often find out that they were locked into a contract which obligates them to pay thousands of dollars more than what the equipment costs. When they can’t pay they are subjected to civil court lawsuits often times in courthouses located in another state. One company notorious for this practice was Northern Leasing who sometimes operated as Lease Finance Group. This company was even investigated by the New York State Atty. Gen. for its practices.

Northern Leasing would lock their customers into contracts which forced them to pay thousands of dollars for those tiny little machines which small business owners would use the swipe credit cards. When the small business owners would switch accounts Northern Leasing would immediately hire the law firm of Joseph Sussman to pursue these accounts in New York. The small businesses were located throughout the country and were dismayed that they would have to defend themselves in a court hundreds and thousands of miles away. Because these small business owners will also suit personally they ran the risk of having their personal credit reports affected if they fell prey to a civil court judgment.

The law office of Abel L Pierre has successfully defended small business owners who were sued by Northern leasing and their attorneys Joseph Sussman. We have negotiated reasonable affordable payment plans and in a few cases even gotten the entire account dismissed.

If you are a small business owner being sued in New York for a business debt, do not hesitate to contact the law office of Abel Pierre. One of our attorneys will be happy to discuss a strategy to accomplish a permanent solution to this problem.