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Attorney Abel Pierre Successfully Defends Man Wrongly Treated as Felon

In 2012, a Navy Veteran home from three tours in Iraq began searching for a new apartment. He found one he liked, applied, and was submitted to a background check. The results of that background check revealed that the man was a felon, thus refusing his apartment application. The only problem? He wasn’t a felon […]

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

Imagine that like many Americans you have a credit card judgment issued against you in civil court. You scrape up the money and finally pay off the judgment. A few years later you check your credit and realize that the judgment is being reported as not satisfied. You figure it is just an honest oversight […]

Harassed by a Debt Collector? How Does the FDCPA

Being faced with mounting debt can be a extremely stressful experience, not only for you but for your family as well. Add to that the harassment and abusive tactics employed by many creditors and debt collectors and it may seem like there is no way out from under your financial burden. It is for that […]

A Closer Look at Our Firm

For almost a decade the Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. has been helping residents in and around the New York City area to resolve their financial woes. Our primary purpose has always been to help consumers defend their rights by providing them with the aggressive representation they need when facing harassing creditors, […]

Cell Phone Drama: The Saga Continues (But Should Have Ended Years Ago)

It seems like just yesterday that people actually waited until they got home or work to make and receive phone calls. Now with the advent of technology and rock bottom prices everyone, children and adults alike, rely on cell phones to conduct business and stay in touch with family and friends. As old cell phones […]