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Cell Phone Drama: The Saga Continues (But Should Have Ended Years Ago)

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

It seems like just yesterday that people actually waited until they got home or work to make and receive phone calls. Now with the advent of technology and rock bottom prices everyone, children and adults alike, rely on cell phones to conduct business and stay in touch with family and friends.

As old cell phones come and go, so do the different carriers which service our need to stay connected. However it has become all too common to get socked with astronomical overage-charges and “early termination” fees. Most people find it difficult and even downright insulting to be expected to pay old cell phone bills which some would classify as highway robbery.

When you don’t pay, the collection companies and debt collectors, start making collection calls send collection letters, and even report the old debt on your credit report. Next thing you know, a collection agency will take $100 charge and threaten you with a $1,000 collection notice.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The statute of limitations to initiate a collect a cell phone bill is TWO YEARS! This means that no collection company can pursue an old cell phone bill after 2 years from the date of default. The date of default is usually about 30 days after the date of the last payment made. This applies across the board regardless of a state’s statute of limitations for breach of contract cases.

The carrier or their collection agency has 2 years to do collect. Once this happens they can’t engage in any collection activity or debt collection harassment, whether it is making phone calls or sending you collection notices or collection letters or reporting the negative information to the credit bureaus.

If you are in this situation, don’t try to take on these collection agencies on your own. You need to hire a consumer law attorneydebt collection defense attorney, and credit report error attorney Abel L. Pierre, Esq. The collection agencies have attorneys working hard on their side. Abel L. Pierre is experienced enough to end this common form of debt collection harassment without charging you a single penny upfront. He may even be able to recover a nominal monetary award on your behalf.

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