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Neighborhood Mixed Filed

It’s extremely frustrating than waking up to find out that somebody else’s bad credit is appearing on your credit report. Even more frustrating that is to discover how difficult it can be to correct this issue. The credit reporting agencies and the creditors don’t really care who’s report the collection account shows up on, they just want […]

Mixed Files

There are many people that work hard to maintain an excellent credit rating. They pay their bills on time and be sure never to accumulate too much debt. However sometimes these people find themselves in a strange situation where their credit rating and scores take a nosedive. This is because someone else’s bad credit ends […]

When Debt Collectors Break The Rules

The debt collection industry in the United States is $1 trillion industry. Over the years many collection companies have come and gone. Many of these companies employ unlawful and illegal tactics in order to coerce thousand dollars from consumers who don’t have the resources to fight back. One of these companies was known as LR Credit. LR Credit […]

Landlord Tenant Judgements

Often times good, hard-working, honest people find themselves in a situation where they struggled to pay their rent. They accumulate back rent, late fees, penalties, and even attorneys fees. When landlords take them to court they thankfully strike a deal to turn over the keys and walk away from the apartment free and clear, or […]

When Debt Collection Companies Don’t Follow The Rules

There are many debt collection companies and law firms. These companies often times flagrantly violate the rules, laws and regulations regarding how debt collectors are supposed to practice their profession. For a long time one of the most notorious of these companies was a law firm commonly referred to as Mel Harris & Associates. A few years […]


Although the real estate market in this country seemed to bounce back from the crash of 2008, foreclosures are still happening at a regular pace. Many homeowners are under the impression that if they lose their house to foreclosure that they can simply walk away. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Without the representation of an […]


There are many people in this country who should have excellent credit. They have never encountered severe financial difficulty. And this group of people have also never encountered unpaid medical expenses. They have been employed and have not been late or defaulted on any of their credit card accounts. Their score should all be in […]


Many times people finance a brand-new or used car and they keep up the payments for a while. But then, life happens: the loss of a job or a medical emergency and suddenly they realize that they are in over their heads. They can no longer make the car payments or their disappointed by the […]


Often times in this economy a repossession of a car is one way in which a judgment can end up in your credit report. Many people often had their car was repossessed because they are simply no longer able to keep up with the high interest rates and maintenance fees associated with certain cars. Once the […]