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Mixed Files

By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

There are many people that work hard to maintain an excellent credit rating. They pay their bills on time and be sure never to accumulate too much debt. However sometimes these people find themselves in a strange situation where their credit rating and scores take a nosedive. This is because someone else’s bad credit ends up on their credit report. How does this happen?

When someone else’s bad credit ends up on a credit report that was otherwise great, this is referred to as a mixed file, or merged file credit report. This could happen for a variety of reasons. Often times there are people with similar names whose credit reports get mixed up. There are family members and relatives often times end up with their credit information getting mixed up. It also happens to among siblings. Identity theft is also another big cause mixed files.

Mixed files are extremely problematic. They can cause an individual to be denied credit opportunities such as a mortgage or apartments. They can also cause a person to be denied employment opportunities. Having to explain why someone else’s bad credit appears your credit report can also be extremely embarrassing for someone who otherwise has pretty good credit

When a person discovers that someone else’s bad credit is appearing on their own credit report, it is important to notify the credit reporting bureaus promptly via United States certified mail. Although email and online disputing is available and popular, there are lower requirements for the credit reporting agencies to respond.

If it is discovered that no change has been made, then that individual must seek professional legal assistance. Only an attorney experienced in this area of law will have the resources, and experience, to utilize the power of the fair credit reporting act and the fair debt collection practices act to pressure the credit reporting bureaus in the creditors to correct the credit report.

If you or someone you know has someone else’s information appearing on the credit report, please contact the law office of Abel Pierre. One of our attorneys will be pleased to speak with you in order to create an effective strategy and solution to this problem.