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How to Fix Bad Credit After Identity Theft

In the state of New York, identity theft is a criminal offense. For victims, identity theft not only harms their financial wellbeing. It can also negatively affect their credit. If identity theft occurs, there are several steps you may take to protect your credit. File a Police Report Identity theft is a crime, and should […]

National Judgement

A job opportunity. A new love interest. Adventure. These all reasons why people relocate. People often relocate around the country and literally around the world seeking new opportunities, and looking to open new doors while closing old chapters in their life. Often times these moves signal an opportunity for an economic new beginning. People move […]

Neighborhood Mixed Filed

It’s extremely frustrating than waking up to find out that somebody else’s bad credit is appearing on your credit report. Even more frustrating that is to discover how difficult it can be to correct this issue. The credit reporting agencies and the creditors don’t really care who’s report the collection account shows up on, they just want […]

Mixed Files

There are many people that work hard to maintain an excellent credit rating. They pay their bills on time and be sure never to accumulate too much debt. However sometimes these people find themselves in a strange situation where their credit rating and scores take a nosedive. This is because someone else’s bad credit ends […]