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Rushmore Recoveries: Your Path to Debt Relief in New York

In the heart of White Plains, New York, stands Rushmore Recoveries—a limited liability company committed to recovering outstanding debts from New York consumers. If you’ve encountered communication from Rushmore Recoveries regarding a debt, it’s paramount to enlist the guidance of an adept New York Debt Relief Attorney. At The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C, we bring a wealth of experience in advocating for individuals across the state who face the pressures of debt collection agencies. Our track record includes successfully representing clients against Rushmore Recoveries, often securing out-of-court settlements at 75% less than the original debt amount. We are dedicated to steering our clients toward optimal financial solutions.

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Shielding You from Debt Collector Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) outlaws most forms of debt collector harassment, ensuring comprehensive consumer protection. Our seasoned New York Debt Relief Attorneys are well-versed in consumer law, including the intricacies of the FDCPA. We stand ready to determine whether your consumer rights have been violated. No longer should you endure incessant calls at ungodly hours or threats targeting you and your loved ones. The FDCPA empowers you to reclaim your rights—protecting you from intrusive workplace calls when you’ve explicitly denied consent.

Recent Triumphs Over Rushmore Recoveries

Our legal team recently achieved a groundbreaking settlement for a client, dramatically reducing an overwhelming $12,000 debt burden to a manageable $2,400 lump-sum payment.

Empowering You to Counter with a New York Debt Settlement Attorney

Should you suspect Rushmore Recoveries or any debt collection agency has transgressed your consumer rights, or if you seek adept negotiation of a debt settlement, our specialists are your allies. Drawing upon their expertise, our debt relief attorneys will evaluate your circumstances, enabling you to make an enlightened choice—paving the way for a renewed financial journey. Engage with us through a complimentary case evaluation, or seize the initiative now by reaching out to us directly. Your path to relief begins today.

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