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Portfolio Recovery Associates: Defending Against Debt Claims in New York

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) emerges as a significant debt collector with a nationwide reach, including New York. This robust debt collection agency is publicly traded on the NASDAQ, boasting substantial 2013 fiscal year revenues amounting to around $170 million. If you’re confronted with relentless debt payment demands by Portfolio Recovery Associates representatives or have received notice of a debt lawsuit initiated by PRA, rest assured that you’re not alone. Seeking support from The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C, you can avail a case evaluation conducted by our adept New York debt relief lawyers.

On their official website, Portfolio Recovery Associates asserts their dedication to customer and client needs, innovation, transparency, and compliance. They emphasize their respect for debtors and commitment to equitable treatment. However, if you’ve been contacted by them regarding a debt, whether legitimate or not, your experience might paint a different picture.

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Instances of Debt Collector Abuses by Portfolio Recovery Associates

Legal actions have shed light on alleged misconduct by Portfolio Recovery Associates:

  1. In a federal lawsuit, they faced Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allegations for harassment and false threats to sue.
  2. Another FDCPA case accused them of neglecting to inform debtors about the right to dispute and request debt verification.
  3. The most unsettling case involved Portfolio Recovery Associates losing a class action lawsuit for employing the signature of a deceased employee, dating back 15 years, to sign affidavits for thousands of consumer lawsuits.


Securing Defense Against Portfolio Recovery Associates

In times of distress with Portfolio Recovery Associates, consider turning to us for assistance. We possess the capability to defend you against lawsuits or potentially initiate your own suit. We eagerly await the opportunity to connect with you, understand your situation, and strategize an effective solution.

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