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Why Is Palisades Collection Suing Me? Unveiling the Reality

Unraveling the Intent Behind Palisades Collection’s Lawsuit

Palisades Collection, operating as a debt buyer, undertakes the purchase of unpaid debt from various creditors, seeking to monetize debt collection efforts. If you’ve received a lawsuit notice from Palisades Collection, it’s likely because they’ve acquired a debt you owe to another entity—a bank, utility company, or service provider. Their aim is to reclaim the funds spent on acquiring the debt. However, their practices may not always align with legality. It’s also possible that you’re being asked to pay more than you owe or for a debt you don’t truly owe. These scenarios are not uncommon, with debt buyers often targeting the wrong individuals or inflating owed amounts. Drawing from our extensive experience in challenging such collection agencies, The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C is here to swiftly guide you toward debt relief.

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Key Insights into Dealing with Palisades Collection

Recent years have witnessed Palisades Collection garnering unfavorable attention for questionable debt collection practices. A Wall Street Journal article by reporter Sophia Hollander in May 2013 highlighted that the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs was reviewing 96 complaints lodged against the debt buyer since 2004.

Moreover, the company has been embroiled in 591 federal lawsuits, many linked to alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Plaintiffs have raised claims of Palisades Collection attempting to collect non-existent debts or failing to inform them of debt collection lawsuits. Often, individuals only became aware of default judgments years later, when their credit was marred, bank accounts frozen, or wages garnished.

Recent Victories Against Palisades Collection

Our firm achieved significant settlements:

  1. Balancing over $48,000, settled at a $10,000 lump sum.
  2. Curbing a balance exceeding $8,600 to a $2,500 lump sum.
  3. Mitigating a balance surpassing $20,000 to a $5,000 lump sum.

Navigating the Path to Counter Debt Collection Lawsuits

Facing a debt collection lawsuit from a debatable entity like Palisades Collection necessitates seasoned legal assistance. At The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C, we vigorously champion consumer rights across New York, offering an escape from dishonest collection practices. If you’ve encountered undue intimidation from Palisades Collection agents, connect with us today to explore your legal avenues. We’re here to stand beside you as you confront your debt situation.

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