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Midland Funding, LLC

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Confronting a Lawsuit by Midland Funding, LLC? Here's Your Guide

Midland Funding, LLC presents itself as a major player in debt purchasing, focusing on acquiring charged-off accounts from creditors. In the realm of debt collection defense and lawsuits, it’s imperative to acknowledge the broader picture involving “Midland entities,” encompassing subsidiaries and affiliates such as:

  • Midland Funding of Delaware, LLC.
  • Midland Credit Management (MCM).
  • Midland Funding Corporation.
  • Midland Funding NCC-2 Corp.
  • MRC Receivables Corp.
  • Encore Capital Group.


Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Midland Funding, LLC is accompanied by its primary debt collector, Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM), situated in San Diego.

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Debt Collector Practices and Challenges with Midland Funding, LLC

This company’s track record in state and federal courts showcases repeated instances of debt lawsuits and collector abuse. For instance, a recent federal lawsuit was triggered by persistent collection letters sent to a debtor after a debt validation request. In another case, Midland Funding, LLC faced allegations including unwarranted debt suits, dual debt collection attempts, false representations, and erroneous credit bureau reporting.

Recent Positive Outcomes Against Midland Funding, LLC

Our firm achieved favorable settlements, significantly reducing balances:

  1. Balancing more than $2,700, settled at $1,000 lump sum.
  2. Mitigating a balance exceeding $3,100 to a $1,000 lump sum in four payments.
  3. Curtailing a balance over $3,700 to a $1,000 lump sum in five payments

Midland Funding, LLC and the Challenge of Frivolous Debt Lawsuits

The company not only faces allegations of collector abuse but has repeatedly lost lawsuits attempting to secure payment for bad debt. These defeats stemmed from issues like improper service and standing defects. In a consumer class action, they suffered a loss, accused of exceeding state-established usury rates. Should you encounter lawsuits or harassment by Midland Funding, LLC, reach out to us at The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. Our case evaluation can pinpoint potential legal actions and formulate an effective strategy for your situation.

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