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Confronting Lawsuits from Midland Credit Management? You're Not Alone.

If you’re entangled in debt collection endeavors led by Midland Credit Management (MCM), are grappling with a lawsuit, or have been informed of a default judgment from them, rest assured that you’re in good company. MCM is an integral part of the “Midland Companies” or “Midland entities,” a conglomerate of subsidiaries under Encore Capital Group, Inc. With headquarters in San Diego, Midland Credit Management operates as a high-volume debt buyer, actively involved in cases nationwide, including a significant presence in New York.

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Legal Battles in State and Federal Courts Involving Midland Credit Management

A landmark case involving Midland Credit Management and its related entities dates back to 2011. These companies were sued for employing “robo-signed” affidavits in debt collection lawsuits, affecting approximately 1.5 million consumers nationwide. Affidavits falsely attesting personal knowledge of the debt spurred legal action. A resolution emerged through a comprehensive settlement involving consumer advocacy groups, the Federal Trade Commission, and attorneys general from 38 states.

In another instance, a class action lawsuit targeted Midland Credit Management, alleging excessive interest rate charges, infringing upon New York’s usury laws. The basis rested on MCM’s inability to claim the same exemption from state usury laws accessible to nationwide banks that offload non-performing debt to entities like Midland Credit Management. Further, Midland Credit Management was sued in federal court for attempting to collect a debt already settled by the consumer.

In a separate 2011 case, Midland Credit Management was directed to pay over $700,000 to a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit, stemming from inadequate investigation of the debtor’s claim of false debt.

Assert Your Rights Against Harassment or Abuse

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