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Have you found yourself facing a lawsuit from LR Credit, LLC due to unresolved debt issues? If you’re contesting the validity of the debt they claim you owe, or if you’re convinced that you owe nothing at all, our team might be able to offer assistance. Our legal firm specializes in defending consumer debtors against a variety of creditors and debt collection entities, including the likes of LR Credit, LLC. This New York-based company acquires significant volumes of debt and concentrates on debt recovery.

It’s important to recognize that creditors and debt collectors don’t always possess the ability to substantiate ownership of the debt, the owed amount, or even the debtor’s responsibility for the debt. Debts frequently change hands through sales and purchases, and in such scenarios, establishing a clear chain of custody can be challenging. Collectors might lack the necessary documentation to support legal actions. We potentially have the means to help you negotiate the debt for an amount lower than what LR Credit claims, or potentially work towards complete debt resolution.

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Background of LR Credit, LLC’s Legal Activity

In 2008, a report titled “Justice Deserved,” issued by MFY Legal Services, Inc., examined litigation patterns among nine creditors frequently involved in debt collection cases within New York City. LR Credit, LLC was among these creditors. As per the report, LR Credit, LLC lodged 30,635 cases in 2007, but merely 2,525 defendants (approximately 8.24% of defendants) attended court proceedings. Numerous instances emerged where debtors were sued without proper service by the debt collection firm or its legal representatives, including instances where legal documents related to the lawsuit were incorrectly addressed. Consequently, many debtors found themselves contesting default judgments in court.

Additionally, LR Credit, LLC and other debt firms faced a class action lawsuit that accused them of resorting to deceptive tactics to obtain default judgments against tens of thousands of debtors in New York. Allegations included engaging in fraudulent business practices, civil racketeering, and violations of the FDCPA. This lawsuit was filed by the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project.

Legal Representation and Litigation Efforts

Attorney Arthur The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C, in a notable instance involving LR Credit, was able to secure the annulment of a judgment and facilitated a settlement with the collection company’s legal team, resulting in a debt balance reduction to just 23% of the initial sum. Attorney The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C argued that LR Credit’s lawyers had not properly served the client, leading to their unawareness of the lawsuit. Further information on this case is available on The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C

Recent Successful Outcomes Against LR Credit

  1. Our firm successfully negotiated a settlement, reducing the balance from over $2,300 to a one-time payment of $650.

If you suspect that LR Credit, LLC or its legal representatives have infringed upon your consumer rights, it’s time to take action. Whether you require a defense against a lawsuit or need assistance in filing a lawsuit against a debt collection entity, we encourage you to reach out to our consumer law team at The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. Our goal is to aid you in achieving financial relief.


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