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Facing Legal Action from Asset Acceptance due to Outstanding Debt?

Has Asset Acceptance, LLC initiated a lawsuit against you concerning a delinquent debt? Were you on the receiving end of aggressive and potentially unlawful tactics as they sought to collect the debt? If these circumstances resonate with you, our team of New York debt relief lawyers might hold the key to assisting you in mounting a defense against the legal proceedings, potentially leading to significant debt reduction or even its complete elimination. It’s frequently possible to challenge a debt lawsuit by challenging the creditor’s ability to prove your indebtedness in court, the validity of the debt itself, or even the ownership of the debt. With a range of strategies at our disposal against Asset Acceptance, the first step is reaching out to our office to delve into your case and examine the avenues available.
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Past Instances Involving Asset Acceptance, LLC

A subsidiary of Asset Acceptance Capital Corp., Asset Acceptance LLC entered the fold of Encore Capital Group in 2013. The central focus of Asset Acceptance LLC lies in the acquisition of debt from creditors, followed by the execution of debt collection efforts. It’s not uncommon for debt buyers and collection agencies to resort to misleading practices when attempting debt collection, despite the explicit prohibition of such actions under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and occasionally under state laws. A glance at the litigation track record of Asset Acceptance, LLC makes it evident that you’re not alone in your plight as a target of this company’s practices. Presented below are a few illustrative instances from past cases involving the collection agency.

Harassment Allegations

In one notable case centered on harassment, a plaintiff detailed incessant calls from Asset Acceptance, even during early hours (prior to 8 a.m.) and late nights (past 9 p.m.). The plaintiff’s experience extended to threats of wage garnishment and the use of offensive language. In a separate case, another plaintiff reported receiving crude voicemails with vulgar language during collection calls.

Misrepresentation Claims

Multiple legal actions have accused Asset Acceptance, LLC of resorting to misrepresentation as part of their debt collection efforts. Instances include allegations that the company falsely portrayed ownership of debts it did not possess (especially debts that formed the basis of lawsuits against debtors). Furthermore, attempts to collect on debts beyond the statute of limitations were reported in more than one lawsuit.

Past Resolutions against Asset Acceptance

Our legal team achieved successful settlements for clients:

  1. Negotiating a settlement from over $22,000 to a lump sum of $3,600.
  2. Resolving a debt from over $1,800 to a $600 lump sum in two installments.
  3. Successfully concluding a debt from over $3,000 to a lump sum of $1,000 across four payments.


Guidance from Proficient New York Debt Relief Attorneys

Should Asset Acceptance, LLC institute a lawsuit against you for debt collection purposes, it’s crucial to consult with a seasoned attorney from our firm. We’re equipped to help you explore defense strategies, including the potential option of counter-suing the collection agency. Connect with us today to learn about our complimentary case evaluations!

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