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Arrow Financial Services LLC

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Arrow Financial Services, LLC, formerly engaged in the purchase and collection of defaulted consumer debt. If you’ve endured unjust and manipulative practices from this company, there’s a potential avenue for seeking redress through legal means. A lawsuit might enable you to obtain compensation for the distress you’ve endured. Additionally, if you’re facing a lawsuit over unpaid debt, our distinguished law firm, The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C, is here to provide adept lawsuit defense. Our team of accomplished New York debt relief attorneys is poised to empower you to take decisive steps!

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History of Complaints and Lawsuits

Over the passage of time, Arrow Financial Services, LLC. has encountered a litany of allegations and legal challenges, revealing a pattern of transgressions that cannot be overlooked. Some notable violations, spanning different cases across the years, include:

  • Illegitimately pursuing debt collection efforts for obligations that were previously discharged via bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Attempting to extract payment for debt that had previously been designated as charged off.
  • Misleading debtors by falsely asserting that they had reported or were poised to report defaulted debt to credit bureaus, even when the debt had exceeded a seven-year period. (This transgression prompted a class action involving numerous debtors.)
  • Inaccurately submitting credit report data, casting doubt on the integrity of their credit reporting practices.
  • These instances cast a shadow on the ethical conduct of Arrow Financial Services, LLC., underscoring the need for diligent scrutiny and legal recourse when confronted with their practices.

Embrace the empowerment that legal action can provide. Schedule a consultation with our esteemed New York debt relief attorneys at The Law Offices of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C today. Together, we can chart a course toward resolution, accountability, and the pursuit of justice. Your journey to asserting your rights begins now, and we’re here to champion your cause with unwavering dedication.

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