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Clean Credit for 2014

New Year’s time brings resolutions for us all. Whether our resolutions involve weight loss or re-connecting with family and friends, oftentimes our resolutions are soon forgotten. However, if your resolution involves improving your financial outlook, then checking your credit report for judgments is a must do. Oftentimes a creditor may sue you and get a […]

Refund Just in the Nick of Time!

Imagine going away for Caribbean vacation. You took in some sun, hit the beach and enjoyed the sights. Upon your return you are showing off your great tan to friends, family and strangers alike. You are still basking in that “I’ve just been on vacation” aura when you are quickly jolted to an unpleasant reality. […]


Judgments. The very word strikes fear in the hearts of renters, potential home buyers, and anyone contemplating a credit-based transaction. Even though judgments are very powerful and could have a impact your ability to obtain credit, most people really do not understand what a judgment is or what it does. Hopefully, after reading this blog […]