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By Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C.

Abel L. Pierre offers free consultations regarding Bankruptcy and Debt Elimination. If you are past due on your bills, are facing the possibility of foreclosure or repossession, WE CAN HELP!

Your PERSONAL OR BUSINESS DEBT may be eligible for discharge under United States Bankruptcy Law. Many people think that if they file for bankruptcy this means that they will automatically lose their homes. This is simply NOT TRUE.

You can eliminate your debt and still keep your house and car!

We understand that there is a lot of bad information out there regarding the benefits of bankruptcy. Our goal is to educate homeowners regarding consumer protections that are in place to allow you to rebuild your finances, and to get a fresh start.

Abel L. Pierre and his legal staff will work on your behalf to eliminate or restructure your debt. By filing Bankruptcy you may be able to eliminate:

* Credit card Debt * Gas Cards * Major Store Cards

* Medical Bills * Business Debts * Bank Overdrafts

* Old Cell Phone Bills * Computer Accounts * Back Rent

* Pay Day Loans * Casino Markers * Deficiency on Repossessions

* Deficiency on Foreclosures

* And Much More…….

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