Avoid the "Unwelcoming Committee" When Returning to Work

The economy is showing slow signs of promise. The unemployment rate is slowly declining and people in this country are slowly regaining their footing by earning, saving and spending more money. However, many people are still fighting the long-lingering effect of their unemployment days. They have judgments against them and don't realize it until they are struck with the embarrassment of a wage garnishment.

Oftentimes, creditor utilize less than scrupulous tactics to obtain default judgments against people. Once these judgments are entered in the court computer, they can remain valid for up to 20 years in some states. They can remain enforceable even when they are no longer on the credit report.

Many people do not realize this and they have judgments which can hurt them financially. They are unaware because they were not served properly and because they had no assets that could potentially be taken. No job, no paycheck, and very little or no savings in the bank. But once they go back to work, this begins to change. As soon as the paychecks begin the roll in, the bank account goes up; however, the judgment also begins to creep up on them.

Once a creditor – such as a credit card, medical debt or other provider – gets a judgment, the law gives them wide latitude regarding how they can take your money in order to recover on the judgment. One of these is called a wage garnishment, which basically means that they can take a small percentage of your paycheck until the debt is paid. Oftentimes, you can end up paying for years through a wage garnishment.

The best way to stop your paycheck from getting seized is to contact an experienced attorney in this area. He or she can prepare very intricate documents on your behalf and stop the garnishment. Because the judgments are issued by the court, only the court has the power to vacate or remove the judgment. This will have the effect of stopping the wage garnishment altogether.

Hiring an attorney is important because there are many details involving this process which can prevent your judgment from being vacated. The Law Office of Abel L. Pierre, Attorney at Law, P.C. has years of experience getting judgments vacated and stopping wage garnishment and bank account freezes. We have assisted people with 1 judgment to a client who had 14 judgments.

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